Background to the Captain Marvel Culture Project

by Zorikh Lequidre
This projhect started with a girlfriend's breakup.

I had just gotten back from a 3 moth tour performing Les Trois Musquetaires for junior high school kids all overe the country, during which my girlfriend had moved into my house and then broken up with me.

One of her big unhappinesses with me was that I was not focused on doing enough to advance my career. In answer to that I started looking for ways to capitalize on my love for and education in comic books. I would up with a contract to produce a tutorial on creating comics for a short-lived on-line university called (don't look for it, it's not there anymore). The website died before I finished the project, so I started shopping it around.

I found the website I felt that for their website a history of comics would dbe a better fit that a creating comics tutorial, but that subject was too big for them. After some research, I realized that by studying the history of the various Captain Marvels I could touch most of the highlights and all the important trends in comic books. furthermore, I found that I could tell the story of western popular culture and history by merely following the connections that Captan Marvel led me to.

After several months of working on this, I met Evan Azriliant at the Big Apple Convention. He suggested wwe turn this project into a book.

More coming soon!

Outline of Captain Marvel history
Chapter 1: The Captain and the Major
Chapter 2: The Big Blue Guy
Chapter 3: The Big Red Guy
Chapter 4: Early Captain Marvel
Chapter 5: Powers and Personality
Chapter 6: Going Hollywood
Chapter 7: Friends and foes: The Lietenant Marvels
Chapter 8: Friends and Foes: Captain Marvel Junior
Chapter 9: Friends and Foes: Mary Marvel
Chapter 10: Friends and Foes: Mr. Tawny
Chapter 11: Friends and Foes: Dr. Sivana
Chapter 12: Mr Mind
Chapter 13: Friends and Foes: Other Foes
Chapter 14: Enter the Binder
Chapter 15: Superman V. Captan Marvel
Chapter 16
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