Legacy/Captain Marvel/Photon
Marvel Comics 1993-present
Rick Jones and Captain Marvel Genis as Photon Private Genis-Vell has visions during the House of M

Alter-Ego: Genis-Vell
Created by Ron Marz, Joe Philips

Origin: Filled with longing for her late husband, the wife of Captain Mar-Vell creates a clone, then ages him artificially that he may be ready to face his enemies. Granted the Nega-Bands of his father, Genis-Vell swears to carry on Mar-Vell?s legacy. Eventually he gains his father?s ?Cosmic Awareness,? which drives him insane.

Trends in history and culture: Boom and bust of comic books in the ?90?s, Marvel Comics? bankruptcy, post-modern heroes, American involvement in foreign countries, time-travel, tragedy, insanity

Genis-Vell loses it. Commentary by Rick Jones, written by Peter David The last issue of the second series of Marvel Comics' 3rd Captain Marvel

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