Captain Mar-Vell
Marvel Comics 1967-1982
First appearance of Captain Mar-Vell Captain Mar-Vell and Rick Jones, the first transformation. 'Captain Marvel' # 17

Alter-Ego: Walter Lawson, later Rick Jones
Created by Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Gene Colan
Other writers: Arnold Drake, Gary Frederich, Jim Starlin, Mike Frederich, Steve Englehart, Al Milgom
Other artists: Don Heck, Dick Ayers, Tom Sutton, Frank Springer, John Buscema, Wayne Boring, Gil Kane, Neal Adams, Jim Starlin, Al Milgom, Pat Broderick

Origin: Originally a captain in the alien Kree military assigned to spy on Earth, he became a hero and later, the universe's protector.

Powers: (Originally) Alien strength, jet-belt, alien weaponry. (Later) Flight, super-strength, energy projection, cosmic awareness, survive in outer space

Trends in history and culture: Space race, hippie/peace/anti-war movement, copyrights, trademarks, music scene, cosmic heroes, anti-communist witch hunts, creator-owned comics, independent comics, graphic novels, death

One of the several times Rick Jones and Captain Marvel were split, never to last long. From 'Captain Marvel' #39 (July 1975) The Death of Captain Marvel
Jim Sallicrup

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