Ms. Marvel/Binary/Warbird/Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel
Marvel Comics 1966-present

Ms. Marvel in 1st costume
Ms. Marvel in 2nd costume
Ms. Marvel in 3rd costume

Alter-ego: Carol Danvers
Created (as Carol Danvers) by Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Gene Colan
Other writers: Chris Claremont
Other Artists: Dave Cockrum
Created (as Captain Marvel) by Brian Michael Bendis

Origin: Carol Danvers, who had been a security chief for NASA, publisher of Woman Magazine, and a super hero using the names Ms. Marvel, Binary, and Warbird, was a close friend of Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch. When Wanda used her reality-altering abilities to create the world of the House of M, she made Carol into the greatest super hero in the world, Captain Marvel!

Trends in history and culture: Feminism, sexism, publishing, women in the military, women in comics, alcoholism.

Carol Danvers moments before the House of M kicks in First issue of Ms. Marvel after the House of M

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