Captain Marvel "The Power of SHAZAM!"
DC Comics 1992-2006
The Power of SHAZAM!

Alter-ego: Billy Batson
Created by Jerry Ordway, based on the characters created by Bill Parker, C.C. Beck, Otto Binder, others
Other writers: Alex Ross, Jim Krueger
Other artists: Peter Krause, Mike Manley, Alex Ross, Rags Morales, Doug Braithwaite

Origin: After young Billy Batson's archaeologist parents are killed by Theo Adam, A mysterious stranger leads the young orphan newsboy to the old Wizard Shazam, who grants him the power to change his body into that of Captain Marvel. He later discovers that his sister, Mary, has the same power, and later gives a share of his power to Freddy Freeman.

This series was notably loaded with references and tributes to the original Fawcett comics of Captain Marvel and their other superheroes.

Notable Villains: Black Adam, Dr. Sivana, Mr. Mind, Captain Nazi, Ibac, Arson Fiend, Mr. Atom

Supporting characters and guest appearances: Shazam, Uncle Dudley, Mr. Tawny, Ibis, Talia, Sterling Morris, C.C. Batson, Marilyn Batson, Nick & Nora Bromfield, Hoppy, the Marvel Bunny, "Muscles" McGinniss, Spy Smasher, Mr. Scarlet, Minute Man, Superman, Batman, Plastic Man, Martian Manhunter, Orion, Starman

Trends in history and culture: Boom and bust of comic books in the 1990's, post-modern heroes, retro styles, abandonned children, gender roles, Celtic mythology.

Captain Marvel, aided by the power of every magical being in the world, battles the Spectre in <i>Day of Vengeance</i>, leading up to <i>Infinite Crisis</i>
Captain Marvel, aided by the power of every magical being in the world, battles the Spectre in Day of Vengeance, leading up to Infinite Crisis

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