What Some People Have Said About Zorikh Lequidre and CAPTAIN MARVEL CULTURE

“During the time I have known Zorikh Lequidre, I find myself more than impressed with his energy, creativity, and vast knowledge of history and popular culture. I look forward to his book Captain Marvel Culture with great interest.”
-Joe Franklin
The King of Nostalgia

"Zorikh Lequidre is a writer with energetic enthusiasm for his devoted subject matter, and I am pleased and excited to be collaborating with him on Captain Marvel Culture. Zorikh's comprehensive research and unique, often-startling revelations regarding the impact from one of America's greatest folklore characters (and its various connecting offspring) reveals an eternal impact that continues to be pervasive throughout popular culture."
-P.C. Hamerlinck
Comic Book Historian, Captain Marvel authority, Editor of FCA [ALTER EGO magazine]

“After seeing, booking and promoting the presentation, I can't wait to read this book. Zorikh Lequidre's knowledge of and passion for his subject - "Captain Marvel Culture" - is matched by his ability to make the information interesting and entertaining to the public.”
-Matt Murray
Director of Special Events, Education & Programming and Chief Operating Officer, The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art

“Shazam! Zorikh's obvious love and passion for Captain Marvel is super-contagious! Sadly, I was born too late to pick up the original comic books off the racks. Now, I'm finally getting to know everything there is to know about the Big Red Cheese, as well as the countless official and unofficial Captain Marvels that followed! And Zorikh doesn't stop there -- he tracks down and exhaustively details numerous examples of Captain Marvel's influence on pop culture. This book will be a great history of an almost forgotten super-hero icon, but a truly fun read as well!”
-Jim Sallicrup
Writer and editor for Marvel Comics, author of Marvel Universe, member of the board of the Museum of Comic Book and Cartoon Arts

And on the internet…

Posted on the DC Universe Message Boards:

“Discovered by accident on a sidetrip to the JERRY ORDWAY site ---a site titled: CAPTAIN MARVEL CULTURE, which explores, explains, elaborates in detail on the history, creation, powers, personality, art, costume, characteristics, movies, etc. of the original CM (Captain Marvel) along with an excellent history-analysis of the original SUPERMAN along with comparisons to da Cheeseroonie (Captain Marvel) plus info on the other Shazamables, major villains, and everything else you wanted to know about the original CM but were afraid to ask.

”Not surprisingly, P.C. HAMERLINCK, editor of FCA in ALTER EGO is involved in this MARVELOUS project.

”'Tis a BONANZA of INFO on da Cheese--- a LOTTA topics to browse--- so check it out ONLY if you have AMPLE time available to leisurely learn and appreciate. 'Tis well worth your browserage.”

“Zorikh's got a great site going and hopefully his book Captain Marvel Culture will be out soon.”

“Zorikh Lequidre's excellent website and Yahoo group, all about Captain Marvel's unique place in pop culture.” -“CJ Finnegan”
owner and moderator of the “World’s Mightiest Mortals” Yahoo group and the Fawcett Universe fan website

“I gotta read this book.”

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