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The Original Captain Marvel
Fawcett Publications, 1940-1953
DC Comics, 1973-1986
The first appearance of the original Captain Marvel
The DC Comics debut of Captain Marvel The Dynamic New Look of Shazam

Alter-ego: Billy Batson
Created by Bill Parker, C.C. Beck
Other writers: Bill Woolfolk, Joe Simon, Rod Reed, Otto Binder, Denny O'Neil, E. Nelson Bridwell, Roy Thomas
Other artists: Pete Costanza, Jack Kirby, Kurt Schaffenberger, Mac Raboy, Marc Swayze, Jack Binder, Dave Berg, George Tuska, Bob Oksner, Don Newton, Rich Buckler

Origin: The ancient wizard Shazam grants orphan newsboy Billy Batson the power to change into Captain Marvel by saying his name, an acronym for 6 powerful elders.

Trends in history and culture: Magazines, pulp fiction, comic strips, rise of comic books, super heroes, heroic myth, WWII, racism & civil rights, super hero teams, boy heroes, female super heroes, motion picture serials, cold war, copyrights, decline of super heroes, Seduction of the Innocent

Shazam The final issue of SHAZAM!

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